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Customer Notification

Information for Customers Requiring DNA Analysis

The Forensic DNA department of Cuyahoga County Regional Forensic Science Laboratory performs autosomal and Y-STR DNA analysis. DNA STR analysis involves extraction, quantification, amplification, detection, data analysis and statistical interpretation. The following methods are used for DNA STR analysis by the DNA Department:

  • Organic extraction and Maxwell Extraction using DNA IQ Casework Pro kit

  • Real Time PCR using PowerQuant DNA Quantification kit.
  • Instrument: AB 7500 SDS Real Time PCR Instrument

  • Autosomal STR Amplification kit: PowerPlex Fusion
  • Y- STR Amplification kit: PowerPlex Y23
  • Instrument: GeneAmp PCR System 9700

  • AB 3500 Genetic Analyzers

Data Analysis:
  • GeneMapperID-X

Statistical Interpretation:
  • Autosomal STR: TrueAllele Technology
  • Y-STR:  YHRD database