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Statistics/Document Scanning

Statistics/Document Scanning PhotoStatistics/Document Scanning Department collects, catalogues, analyzes, and summarizes all documents and data associated with Medical Examiner’s cases.  Statistical data is kept on all Medical Examiner cases, for example, violence-related deaths, drug-related deaths, and accidental deaths.  The statistics department processes requests received from private, public, local, county, and federal agencies, in addition to media outlets, and other interested parties, seeking to compile data regarding patterns and/or types of deaths throughout Cuyahoga County.   

The statistics department, along with other departments within the Medical Examiner’s Office, is also responsible for data included in the annual Medical Examiner’s Statistical Report.  Document scanning is done by using digital imaging technology, whereas in the past microfilm (fiche) was used.  Once entire cases are scanned, the original files are transferred to the Archive Storage Area where they are catalogued and maintained for easy retrieval.