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Forms & Guidelines

Decedent Release Form
 Form to Accompany Body

Cuyahoga County Regional Forensic Science Laboratory

In addition to the completed 'Evidence Submission forms', the appropriate checklist ('DNA Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Checklist' or 'DNA Non-Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Checklist') must be completed and submitted with all evidence submitted for DNA analysis.
  NEW! CCRFSL Ohio Hemp Law (Senate Bill 57)
Toxicology OVI per se policy (effective June 1, 2015)
CCRFSL Courier Evi. Sub. Form
CCRFSL Evidence Submission Sheet 1-29-18
CCRFSL Evidence Submission Supplemental Sheet 1-29-18
Crime Lab Pricing and Fees v.3
DNA Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Checklist
Instructions for Specimen Collection for Testing under ODH Guide.pdf
Toxicology Testing Request Form
Notification of Customers of Toxicology Capabilities V.14