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Immigration Relationship Test

Relationship Test
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Application for immigration to the United States and Canada often requires documentation of a biological relationship between a petitioner and his or her beneficiary. It can be difficult to prove a relationship if records or documents are challenged. It those cases you will be asked to complete a DNA test.

How to get started:

Call us and we will handle your case personally. Our laboratory is committed to make this process as easy as possible for you and your family.

Fax, send or email us your immigration paperwork.

Once we have the immigration paperwork, the tested parties’ contact information, and partial or full payment for the test, we will send the beneficiary’s information and a DNA sample collection kit to the appropriate U.S. embassy or panel physician in the foreign country. The embassy or panel physician will arrange the beneficiary’s sample collection appointment in the foreign country. (This may take some time, due to the limited availability of embassy staff or appointments. We have no control or authority over the DNA sample collections abroad, but we will notify the embassy or panel physician of any approaching deadlines.) For the petitioner within the United States, we will arrange sample collection. Often the client has to pay a small collection fee to the agency, if he or she is not with in reasonable distance from our office. 

The sample collection sites will then return the samples to our lab. Upon receiving all the needed samples, we will complete the DNA test within 5-10 working days, depending on the type of test performed.  


We will send the legally admissible test results and a clear explanation of the results to the proper immigration authorities and the U.S. petitioner.  

Shipping charges:

Additional fees apply for shipping of collection kit and results internationally. Shipping charges are different for each country. Our office uses Federal Express as main international and domestic courier. Call us for the latest shipping charges. U.S. embassies and panel physicians, if applicable, may also charge you an additional fee, to be paid directly to them. If we arrange for your collection in United States, shipping charges are included in the price.